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Lothgar @ 10 Mar 2018
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At long last we are in the process of launching a full Elderlands Test Realm. We have had a lot of ontent added during our down time. The game's content has grown about 8+ times the amount that was previously available. 

We have a prototype runing currently and will be polishing up some of the older content and getting that up and running as soon as possible.

There have been some major changes that we'll discuss in the forums and on the FB page. One thing is that EL is moving its focus away from PvP. There will still be PvP but this gae has always been about the world and community. We are focusing on making the game more entertaining from a community point of view. The game will really taylor to Solo and Group players. 

PvP will end up being focused around guilds and guild warfare. 

With the versions we had running prior to us going silent, we had made changes in order to make the game mechanics and stats more like Dransik (our older game from the early 2000s). That was a mistake. We are going back to our roots and making the game that WE think is fun and entertaining.

This game is not Dransik, this is Elderlands. It was my vision and i let parts of the community move me into a direction that was not my vision. I was very unhappy about that move. So now the game is going back to where we think it should be. 

Sit back, geat ready to enjoy the ride... it's coming. :)

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